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Our practitioners provide acupuncture, massage, cupping, gua sha, and Chinese herbal medicine, as well as supplement, nutrition, and exercise instruction for now, and hope to grow that list of treatment modalities in the near future. We are in multiple clinics in and around Portland, Oregon. Here are some of the incredible benefits we offer:


Acupuncture is like a reset button for our nervous system, changing our frame of mind from a sympathetic (fight or flight) state to a parasympathetic (rest and digest) state of being. It causes our bodies and minds to use our own anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, anti-tension, and anti-pain processes to help us heal ourselves over the short and long terms.


Massage feels great, plus it helps our muscles and connective tissues reassemble back into the state in which they belong. Assisted stretches and traction also go a long way towards making us feel more like ourselves. Everybody needs to be touched the experience and skill we bring to the massage table are like no other.

Chinese Herbs/Supplements

Chinese herbs work in concert with one another and with your body to make changes you thought were impossible with or without Western pharmaceutical drugs. They are strong but safe, and we carefully source them so that you can rest easy. Supplements ranging from vitamin C to Yu Ping Feng San can help your body achieve wellness.

Kangen Water Filters

Change your water to change your life. You still drink out of plastic water bottles? We can help with that. You are drinking tap water daily? We can help with that. You don't like how water tastes? We can help with that. You don't get enough antioxidants in your diet? We can help with that.

Auto Injury

You can get treatment, often without a referral for your post car wreck pain. We deal with the insurance company directly and you don’t have to pay anything. Don't feel like you're trapped in pain and dysfunction from a motor vehicle accident. Get help. We can help with that. We do it all the time.

Workers Comp

If you were injured while working you deserve to get back to pre-injury status. We specialize in all kinds of pain and injury and are willing to help you get back to your old self. We know how the system works and can help you navigate that system with an experienced billing department to deal with your worker compensation insurance or with any other insurance.

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We want to be sure you get what you need when you need it in terms of health care including patient centered care, prevention, and patient education.

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Ross McCallum

Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc)

I have been in business doing acupuncture since 2011 and at My Path Wellness since November of 2013. I attended the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine from 2007 to 2010, including a year's internship in Portland and a one month internship in Nanjing, China. I am a licensed acupuncturist and a board certified herbalist.

  • Master's degree in acupuncture and oriental medicine
  • Trained chiropractic assistant
  • Trained physical therapy aide
  • Dedicated treatment style

Dr. Ross