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Car Accident Massage in Clackamas, OR

Your body does some strange things when you’re in a motor vehicle accident and whiplash is often the least severe of the results from all that transferred momentum. Car accidents leave residual pain which can be significantly reduced by Tui Na massage therapy. We will work with your insurance to get you the care you need.

How It Works In Oregon

You don’t need a referral in the state of Oregon to see any healthcare provider you’d like, and that includes acupuncturists. Many car insurance companies prefer to have a referral for massage and we can get you that referral. We deal directly with your insurance company and any legal counsel so that you don’t have to be the go-between during the stressful time following your accident.

Benefits for Car Accidents In Oregon

Car accidents usually hurt you in the body and in the wallet. We can help with both! You wont pay anything for acupuncture or for massage in Clackamas because in Oregon state minimum insurance coverage typically covers all costs! Take the time to schedule the care you need so you don’t end up stuck in pain years later when the insurance no longer applies. Fix it fast so that you’re more likely to actually fix it, and for free to boot.

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