Always Learning

Patient education is important to me because I seek to empower you to heal yourself. I specialize in treatment of pain, but can treat just about anything that ails you using the ancient system of diagnosis and treatment that is Oriental Medicine.

Acupuncture in Portland, Oregon.

Acupuncture In Portland

Acupuncture helps you heal yourself using your body's own resources and just a little push from us. It doesn't hurt and people usually fall asleep during it!

Massage in Portland, Oregon.

Massage In Portland

Massage isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. It will help keep you free from aches and pains from exercise, age, or disease.

Chinese Herbs & Supplements in Portland, Oregon.

Chinese Herbs & Supplements In Portland

Acupuncture and massage are great, but for some things you need something every day. That's where supplements come in!

Worker's Comp in Portland, Oregon.

Worker's Comp Acupuncture and Massage in Portland

Get back to work faster and feel better sooner by using us. We work hard and figure you would like to do the same.

Auto Injury in Portland, Oregon.

Auto Injury Acupuncture and Massage in Portland

Our patients love the pain relief they get with us, but just as importantly they love how much faster they heal using our services!