About Kangen Water Filters

The company that makes these filters has amazing customer service, in-factory repair and maintenance, and even sends you a loaner if you have to send your filter to them for repair. The closest factory is near Seattle and these things are built to last a lifetime, from the platinum-coated titanium plates across which the charge is sent to separate the water molecules into acid and base to the industrial transformer it uses as a power supply. These really are the best water filters in the world. The parent company is Japanese and these filters are used in 160 plus hospitals in Japan for drinking water and the strong acidic water the filter can produce is used by these hospitals to clean their surgical suites of any and all bacteria.

Kangen Water Filters

How It Works

This water is alkaline, anti-oxidant, and micro-clustered. Reducing oxidation in your body's cells is a great way to look and feel younger for years to come. There are sources of oxidation everywhere in our environment and you can't avoid them all. Too high an acidic body has been a proven part of many inflammatory processes, including cancer. Fighting that with alkalinity in our diet is an important prevention method for cancer and other diseases. Micro-clustering, among other things, helps us make more tea with less tea leaves/bags, and more coffee with fewer grounds. Most water is made up of larger clusters of H20 molecules, but Kangen Water hydrates us more quickly because it can be absorbed more easily by the body.

Benefits of Kangen Water Filters

Kangen Water filters made by Enagic can help you do things like stop using soap to wash your clothes, adjust the pH in your garden to the perfect level, wash the pesticides off your vegetables, and make oil and vinegar dressing that doesn't separate. Harness the simple technology of electrolysis to make your life easier and to make you, your family, and your pets more healthy. Plus, even with the most expensive version of the filter with all the bells and whistles will still save you money in the long run if you buy bottled water (even 5 gallon jugs) now.