Common Acupuncture Myths In Portland

The Needles Hurt

A fear of needles is one of the most common phobias that people suffer from, and it often discourages them from trying acupuncture, an experience that revolves around being stuck with needles. In acupuncture though, most needles used are the size of a cat whisker. We’re not talking about tetanus shots. The pain associated with the prick of an acupuncture needle is often compared to mosquito bite, if not less painful. If you undergo acupuncture and it is uncomfortably painful, you’re acupuncturist is doing something wrong.

Once I receive acupuncture, I’ll start to need it

Nope, not true. When you hear your friends say they got hooked on acupuncture, that’s not an indication of acupuncture’s addictive power. It’s just that acupuncture generally is very effective as a way to relieve pain, stress, and a variety of other maladies. So people keep on using it because it solves a problem they weren’t able to solve before. Acupuncture does not lead to physical dependence and there are no addictive side effects.

Acupuncture is a fake witch doctor remedy

Acupuncture originated in another part of the world and has been in practice for thousands of years. Some people don’t buy that it has modern applications. They think it’s just an ancient voodoo that can’t possibly help relieve their ailments. And while acupuncture may not be a large part of more our more standardized western medicine, it is not only applicable in the modern day but it often works better than other more recent forms of medicine. That’s why acupuncture is used by the US Military and is recognized as a viable method of treatment by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Acupuncture is only for pain relief

While acupuncture is great for pain relief, it has a host of other benefits. Some of these include:

  • Immune system boost
  • Headache relief
  • Weight loss
  • Throat soothing
  • Allergy relief
  • Depression alleviation
  • And many more!

Acupuncture’s health benefits are comprehensive and wide ranging. Plus, they’re discovering more and more benefits each year.

Acupuncture is just a placebo

There’s a common misconception that acupuncture’s benefits reside only in the mind of the patient; they’re purely psychological rather than physical. While acupuncture does have benefits for mental health, its physical benefits have been proven time and time again.

Hopefully this post helped dispel any lingering confusion you may have over acupuncture. If you would like to further discuss its myriad of health benefits or schedule your own acupuncture session, contact The Healthy Foundation today!